It made my day


If you open a newspaper, watch the news or listen to the radio on daily bases, you’ll know that the headlines are, almost always, negative. That’s why I think it’s important to highlight the good in people every once in a while.

This video appeared on my Facebook timeline because it had so many likes. It fascinated me from the start, it opened my eyes. You have to watch the video to understand what I’m talking about.

Click here to see the good in the world.

What I find touching in the video is the fact that the people help when they need to. No one asks anything, and still, people react instantly to people in need. I think we need to open our eyes to the good things around us, the good things in life, instead of focusing on the things that go wrong.

So treat others as you want to be treated. Trust, respect, help and support others because if you do, they will trust, help and respect you back. If you open your eyes to the good in the world, I assure you, you will love life more.

It’s easy to let days fly by without taking notice to the world around you. Life is beautiful. Soak it in, think about it and be grateful.

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